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Gallery: Monsters From the Id

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This gallery contains the series I call "Monsters From the Id", the first non-photo based digital work I did in the Mid ′90s. The images are all freeform shape and texture creations using Photoshop v.2 and v.3 with a slew of plug-ins and "chops". I just wanted to see what could be done by distorting isolated textures on a 2D surface so they appear to be dimensional. This is of course what lead me to the 3D applications I use now.

The pieces themselves are often named after things I was just learning to cope with on the computer like device drivers and scsi chains. I just let things happen and the heads and skulls flowed out of me like automatic writing. The name of the series hence comes from a George Pal movie called Forbidden Planet in which one of the characters creates monsters to do the bidding of his primitive side using a piece of alien technology. Like that alien technology, my computer released the demons of my torments in the form of pixels and light.

I have printed these images as an open-ended series on various digital to photographic print technologies and especially like the results on glossy photo style papers. The colors of these images are super saturated and intense and deserve a glossy print to show this off.