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Gallery: Symbols and Signs

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Contained in this gallery are more narrative pieces that present a dream-like "what if" on many subjects. I have a particular interest in Jung′s ideas about symbols and how humans of all cultures react to them. I have found that the same sign can have multiple levels and meanings. An ancient symbol becomes representative of a god and then also an alchemist′s element. Later it is used in a magician′s "set of signs" and then again by a modern scientist as short hand. But more importantly, I believe we have a racial memory connected to symbols. There is a simplicity that cuts through all of today′s 21st Century icons (nike swishes and golden arches) and reminds us of things deep inside and far in the past.

All of the pieces in this series are printed as fine art Giclées on 20X24 water color paper with an image size of about 16X20. In this form they are printed in additions of 10 only.