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Gallery: Angry Little Men and Others

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As you have seen in the previous galleries much of my artwork draws fanciful comparisons between ancient and modern views of reality, religion and physics. Since my move to a rural environment I have pondered the direction of my work and so I have begun to create character studies. Each one seems to be an amalgam of many people I know or have met. So far, these characters have fallen into three earlier bodies of work: Angry Little Men, Feral Dumb Men, and recently, Click, Bang, You′re Dead.
Angry Little Men explores the countenances and stances of men with an attitude and a grudge. Some how their due has not been met and they mean to change that very soon.
Feral Dumb Men looks at men in pain with some great, unexplained loss. They are mouth breathers in a daze or so deep in the denial of their pain that they seem giddy. These are composed in the style of the German Expressionist Film with the subject in close up, staring directly at the viewer.
The Click, Bang series is populated by threats of imminent death coming when you least expect it. More to come in that series.
I have now begun a series of portraits of women and couples. These vignettes capture snap-shot-like moments of self-doubt, embarrassment, and frustration not soon to be resolved.
All of my subjects have been stripped of the viewer′s self-imposed tyranny of what is beautiful. One must look at them, in the eye, and see them for who they are.